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*3000 series basic industrial indicator
*Reversible rear cover for cable exit above or below the indicator housing, Intuitive usage, Internal rechargeable battery.





*3000 Series stainless steel indicator for Washdown environments
*IP65 stainless steel with hinged front cover for easy servicing, Intuitive usage, Internal rechargeable battery.





*Sturdy 3000 series metal indicators
*Feature-rich, yet simple to use and easy to learn, Intuitive usage
* Two display versions.






*Multifunctional Defender 5000 ABS indicator
*Advanced applications including dynamic weighing and checkweighing
* Multiple interface and relay options, High resolution, user configurable up to 30,000 d.




*Multifunctional 5000 Series Washdown indicator
*IP66 stainless steel housing, Multiple interface and relay options, High resolution, user configurable up to 30,000 d.




*Multifunctional 7000 series ABS indicator for advanced applications.
*Advanced applications including accumulation, library and optional alibi memory
*Two scale operation plus multiple interface and relay options, User-selectable language settings & user configurable resolution up to 50,000d.



*Advanced performance stainless steel indicator with external device control capabilities.
*50,000 displayed resolution and the ability to support up to 10 load
*Application: Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Weighing, Animal / Dynamic Weighing





*Checkweighing application with IP66 protection
*Multiple configurations, Optional internal rechargeable battery
* Has food safety certification (NSF) and supports an HACCP compliant quality system.


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indicators. Channel Weighing supply ohaus, seca, good, and other top brand scales to anywhere in England including London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. We also calibrate, service and maintain scales