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Height Measuring Systems

Measuring rods, stadiometers and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices in routine medical work.  They still have to fulfil challenging clinical requirements.  That’s why Seca produces such items as non-abrasive measurement scales and parts made of distortion-resistant anodized aluminium. For quality you can touch and see – in devices that don’t warp even after years of use, in measuring slides that always glide smoothly into position and in the consistently precise measurements that such qualities guarantee.

Seca 274 and Seca 264 The new quality in height measuring is not only solid but also wireless and network-capable
Anyone looking for obvious benefits will find them in the digital stadiometers Seca 274 (for use anywhere) and Seca 264 (permanent wall installation).  For instance, in the three-part measuring rod that is easy to assemble and fasten with screws.  There is also the non-slip rubber mat (264) or a sturdy glass platform (Seca 274), white backlit displays in the headpiece and secure wireless scales which can calculate the BMI from height and weight in just a few seconds.

Seca 217 Stable stadiometer for mobile height measurement
The mobile stadiometer Seca 217 boasts unmatched stability, a cleverly designed assembly system and particularly high-quality materials.  All this lends the stadiometer an exceptionally high degree of stability –almost the same as a permanent installation.  In addition, the adjustable spacer ensures a secure hold without any fittings.  Suitable for medical practices and hospitals, the stadiometer is also just right for mobile use, such as examinations of children at school or patients at home. 
When disassembled, the stadiometer can be conveniently transported to any location.

Seca 213 Stadiometer for mobile use
The Seca stadiometer is particularly suitable for mobile use, e.g. for measuring children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations at schools.  The measuring rod which can be dismantled into several pieces is easy to transport and can be set up anywhere in no time at all.  A stable floor plate provides the necessary stability and the easy to read scale along both sides of the measuring rod means that the height can be read easily.

Seca 222 Mechanical telescopic measuring rod with large measuring range

Specially developed for wall mounting, this measuring rod is aligned to work exactly to the millimetre from head to toe.  Its broad measuring slide and heel positioner are professional prerequisites.  The telescopic measuring rod ensures that the result can be easily read at eye level even for the tallest patient.  When not in use, the measuring slide can be folded down for safety.

Seca 216 Mechanical measuring rod for children and adults
The Seca 216 has a variable scale with a range of 3.5 to 230 centimetres that is inserted into a 138-cm frame.  The plastic frame is simply mounted on the wall at the desired height.  As the user can choose the range shown in the frame, the Seca 216 is suitable for measuring children or adults.  The results are clearly displayed in a window on the side of the rod and held in place by the locking screw on the head piece.  Suitable for international use, the scale is printed in centimetres on one side of the tape and centimetres anddinches on the other.

Seca 224

Telescopic measuring rod for Seca column scales

Seca 220
Telescopic measuring rod for Seca column scales

Seca 472
Stand for cable remote displays of Seca scales and measuring rods
The Seca 472 stand is the stable solution for cable remote displays of Seca scales and measuring rods Seca 635, Seca 862, Seca 675 and Seca 242.  The sturdy construction with slip-resistant steel feet can be positioned everywhere quickly and securely.  The display element can easily be attached to the stand by means of a stable bracket.


Seca 206 Mechanical measuring tape
The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism.  Uncomplicated fixing on wall with just one screw.  With the display window in the head piece, it’s easy to read the height.  The durable tape is made of metal.

Seca 203 Ergonomic circumference measuring tape with extra Waist-To-Hip-Ratio calculator (WHR)
The measuring tape Seca 203 for determination of body circumference has a high-quality scale of metal used to obtain the Waist-To-Hip-Ration (WHR).  The WHR is an indirect method of determining the amount of abdominal fat tissue.  The ratio allows conclusions to be drawn about the distribution of fat stores and thus contributes to a diagnosis

Seca 201 Ergonomic circumference measuring tape
Because today’s circumference tapes also have to satisfy high medical demands, Seca has developed the Seca 201 which can measure girth with millimetre precision.  The high-quality mechanics guarantee that the 205 cm-long tape unwinds easily and locks in place precisely.  The housing sits comfortable and securely in the users hand and is tough enough to withstand accidental dropping.


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