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Floor Scales (Flat Scales)

Where space is limited, there is still enough room for Seca scales and their many functions.  Routine medical work is made easier, for example, by the limit function that lets orthopaedists show patients the maximum loads for effective rehabilitation.  Other features of Seca flat scales include the high weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 kilograms and the extremely long battery operation for up to 16,000 weighings.  Practical accessories such as carrying cases, and a stand for s separate display make work easier for the user.

Seca 635 Platform and bariatric scales (III)
Obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the world.  This battery-operated digital scale has been especially developed for weighing obese patients, with a weighing range of up to 300kg and a slip-resistant 56 x 56cm platform, only 5.5cm high – a sturdy base for overweight or obese patients.  A chair may also be used on the scale and will not influence the weighing result due to the pre-TARE function.  The cable remote display (cable length: 2.3m) with easy-to-read LCD can be held, wall mounted or placed on a table.  The 100g graduation means that the smallest changes in weight are registered, even after the patient has left the scale – thanks to the HOLD function.  The integrated Body Mass Index (BMI) function also emphasises the many uses of this unique multifunctional scale.

Seca 899 Flat scales with cable remote display (III)

A two-meter long cable connects the display with the weighing base.  Advantage: the display can be set up separately from the base and read from its position on the wall or desk.   Additional convenience is supplied by the many extra weighing functions: BMI for nutritional conditions, HOLD to keep measurements displayed and TARE for weighing small children held in an adult’s arms.  It is suitable for stationary or mobile use, thanks to its handle, compact size, low weight and a levelling base for set-up on all types of surfaces.

Seca 877 Flat scales for mobile use (III)

Scales intended for mobile use have to be lightweight.  The scales are nevertheless very stable and suitable for persons weighing up to 200 kilograms.  It stands firmly on four levelling bases that guarantee stability, even when small children are weighed while held by an adult.  The mother/child function ascertains the child’s weight with just the touch of a button.

Seca 875 As the Seca 877 but without the mother/child function (III)

with millimetre precision.  The high-quality mechanics guarantee that the 205 cm-long tape unwinds easily and locks in place precisely.  The housing sits comfortable and securely in the users hand and is tough enough to withstand accidental dropping.


Seca 878 Flat scales for mobile use
Robust, very light flat scale with an integrated double display. Tap on, automatic switch-off and mother /child function for mobile use


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