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Measuring Stations and Column Scales

Seca 285 - Wireless measuring station for height and weight (III)

Our 360˚ wireless measuring station Seca 285 carried out weighing and measuring in a single step.  Other benefits include the high-capacity scale integrated in a stable glass platform, the heel positioned and the solid headpiece with the integrated Seca Frankfurt Line – for precise head positioning. Not to mention the two displays. One is for a direct read-out of height from the headpiece and the other, a three-line multi-function touch display, shows height, weigh & the automatically calculated BMI. On top of all that, the scale shows the slightest weight changes with its fine 50-gram graduation & transmits all measurements via the Seca 360˚ wireless.


Seca 287 - Wireless ultrasonic measuring station for height, weight and B.M.I.. With voice guidance and wireless data transmission.


Seca 704 - Wireless electronic column scales with very high capacity (III)

Extremely robust, precise and stable:  With a capacity of 250kg, a large but low platform and the integrated BMI function, this column scale has the prerequisites for the diagnosis and therapy of heavyweight patients.  The durable construction copes with the most extreme loads. The energy-saving battery operation – up to 16,000 weighings with just one set of batteries – means that the scale can be used anywhere as it is not dependent on mains power.  The scale can be fitted with the measuring rods Seca 220, thus facilitating weighing and measuring in one step.


Seca 704s - Wireless column scale with integrated measuring rod (rear facing display)



Seca 799 - Electronic column scales with BMI function (III)
Versatile, low-maintenance and site-independent with economic battery operation – the Seca 799 is ideal for daily use in hospitals and doctor’s practices.  With its transport castors, this column scale is also easy to move around.  The Seca 799 is equipped with several intelligent functions.  For example, the BMI function permits a reliable evaluation of the nutritional condition of the patient.  This column scale can also be fitted with the optional measuring rod Seca 220 so that both weight and height can be determined in just one time-saving step.

Seca 711 - Mechanical column scales with eye-level beam (III)

Precise, robust and convenient: both you and your patients will benefit more from the Seca 711.  More precision with the 100g graduation and a higher capacity of up to 220kg.  More convenience from the very flat, large platform and the eye-level beam.  The optional measuring rod with a range from 60 – 200cm for time-saving measuring and weighing in one step.  Equipped with integrated transport castors for mobile use.


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Column Scales. Channel Weighing supply ohaus, seca, good, and other top brand scales to anywhere in England including London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. We also calibrate, service and maintain scales