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Chair Scales

Weymed Model 590/BMI Chair Scale Approved high accuracy Class III (Please call for prices)
These very robust scales fitted to a strong steel manoeuvrable trolley with braked castors have the special feature of a unique, large, backlit multi-display to show weight, height and body mass index.  The indicator head may be adjusted to any convenient angle.  The spacious, washable chair seat comfortably accommodates overweight patients.  Power is from a long life rechargeable battery.  A charging adaptor is provided.  Also features swivelled arm rests and retractable foot. Capacity is up to 200kg down to 50g divisions

Weymed Model 590J/BMI Chair Scale – special designed for Care Homes Approved high accuracy Class III (Please call for prices)
Compact Design
These robust scales are very compactly designed which makes them particularly suitable for use in care homes where space may be restricted.  Yet the chair remains spacious with a width of 590mm to accommodate large patients.  They easily manoeuvre round tight corners and the braked castors keep the base stable whilst patients are weights
Car Transportable Model 590J/BMI is optionally available with the chair frame designed to be simple disassembled.  This allows the scales to be fitted easily in a car for home visits.

Seca 959
Electronic chair scales with four wheels, swivelling arm rests, fold-up footrests and BMI.

Seca 955
Electronic chair scales with four wheels, swivelling arm rests, fold-up footrests and BMI.

Seca 956
Electronic chair scales with fold up armrests and footrests.


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Chair Scales. Channel Weighing supply ohaus, seca, good, and other top brand scales to anywhere in England including London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. We also calibrate, service and maintain scales