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Bed and Dialysis Scales

Seca bed and dialysis scales have been carefully tested in the past by specialist and intensive care consultants, in dialysis and burn units and found to be ideal.  They are now also being used to an increasing extent in nursing homes.  Because every gram is important in the case of immobile patients, precision is what counts.  The bed and dialysis scales from Seca with their alarm function can assist critical monitoring, for example, in the case of clinical procedures involving the loss of fluid or special fluid turnover, or simply in areas where patients can be weighed only in bed.

Seca 985 Electronic bed and dialysis scales with equipment trolley (III)
Always in use: the Seca 985 facilitates the easy, gentle and precise weighing of bed-ridden patients and is an indispensable aid in dialysis and intensive care.  With the integrated lifts, four load cells can be placed easily and effortlessly under the castors of the bed.  The previously determined weight of the bed is deducted using the TARE function and the patient’s precise weight is determined.  In the event of a power failure, the scale stores all previously displayed values using rechargeable batteries.  When not in use, the four bed lifts can be stored on the equipment trolley.


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Bed and Dialysis Scales. Channel Weighing supply ohaus, seca, good, and other top brand scales to anywhere in England including London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. We also calibrate, service and maintain scales