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Multifunctional Bariatric and Wheelchair Scales

Weighing can be a complicated process, but it does not have to be.  The multifunctional scales by Seca offer ease of use whether the patient is sitting in a wheelchair or standing.  Four load cells make sure that a measurement can be made in any position – standing without support or holding onto the hand rail, in the middle of the scale or at the edge.  There is no need for careful positioning of the patient or adjustments to the scales before weighing can take place.  The focus is on convenient operation, for instance with chair scales featuring fold-away hand rails and footrests.

Seca 645 Multifunctional handrail scales (III)
Equipped with an extremely low-level, easy-access platform, stable handrail, and high weight-bearing capacity, this multifunctional scale ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients.  The integrated handrail provides the patient with support throughout the weighing process.  Thanks to the generous platform, a chair can be placed on the scales for patients who prefer to sit.  The pre-TARE function with three memory cells automatically deducts a stored weight (such as a chair) to determine net weight.  Moreover, the Seca 645 is made mobile by two rubber wheels and a mains supply provided by battery or mains adaptor.  When the scale is connected to a printer, the time of weighing and the patient’s weight are automatically recorded and printed by the time module.

Seca 685 Electronic multifunctional scales (III)
Patient can be safely weighed while standing, seated or in a wheelchair.  No conversion is necessary because the weight of the wheelchair is simply deducted by the pre-TARE function.  The standing patient is supported by a stable handrail, the seated patient by an integrated folding seat and the wheelchair patient by a large (76 x 82cm) platform.  Special attention has been given to making the scales easy-access and safe, with a stop barrier provided for the front wheels of the wheelchair.  Both patient and care provider can easily read the net and gross weights in the conveniently positioned swivelling display.  The scale is also equipped with a practical HOLD function that shows the weight even after the patient has left the scales.  Precise results are ensured by the damping system and a firm foothold is guaranteed by the slip-resistant rubber coating and handrail.  Integrated transport castors make this scale mobile too.  The ramp Seca 470 is included in delivery

Seca 677 Electronic wheelchair scales with handrail and transport castors (III)
Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its large platform and sturdy handrail, the Seca 677 is very versatile.  Patients can be weighed while sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair.  The handrail provides valuable support for people who are frail or can walk only with great difficulty.  Its high capacity makes the Seca 677 ideal for weighing very heavy persons.  The scale can be folded together after use in no time at all to save space.  The sturdy locking device between rail and platform ensures that the Seca 677 stands safely even when folded.  The handrail also serves as a handle when the scale is folded, allowing the scale to be moved around or stowed away effortlessly and quickly on its transport castors.  Weighing is simple and user-friendly with the clearly designed, intuitively operable display at hip level and with the additional functions of TARE, HOLD and BMI.

Seca 665 Electronic wheelchair scales (III)
With its high capacity of 300kg, this scale makes it easy to weigh even heavy patients.  Easy access is assured by its extremely low platform and the self-lowering ramps.  The secure side rails give additional safety.  An integrated pre-TARE function determines in seconds the net weight of the patient by utilising internal weight memory.  The swivelling LCD with large letters is easy to read both for the patient and for the care provider.  The Seca 665 can be folded up in no time and can be transported anywhere, thanks to its roller castors.

Seca 657 Electronic platform scales with innovative memory function (III)
The especially large platform of the Seca 657 makes it possible to weigh patients on all commonly used stretchers.  Patients can also be weighed while sitting in wheelchairs or on chairs.   A unique characteristic of the Seca 657 is the new memory function.  This practical feature helps to lighten the workload especially in the emergency unit: first the total weight of the patient and stretcher or wheelchair is determined.  The stretcher or wheelchair is then weighed separately and the net weight of the patient appears automatically on the display.  A cable remote display with easy-to-read LCD figures is included in delivery.  This display is operated intuitively and is equipped with many additional functions.  With the pre_TARE function, the extra weight of a stretcher or wheelchair can be deducted directly from the total weight during the weighing process.  With the BMI function, the nutritional condition of the patient can be determined.  With the practical castors and integrated handles, the Seca 657 is also transportable for use in various locations.

Seca 675 Electronic platform scales (III)
The electrically-operated, generously-sized wheelchair/platform scale is multifunctional.  It weighs patients in care, especially heavy patients, persons in wheelchairs and seated patients with circulatory trouble, even during dialysis.  The flexible cables remote display can be placed anywhere (on a desk or table) for convenient read-out and operation of the controls.  A wall mounting is also provided.  Transport castors and a handle make the Seca 675 mobile.


Seca mBCA 515 - Medical Body Composition Analyser
mBCA 515 - Medical Body Composition Analyser. Measures differentiation in fat mass and free-fat mass, water and muscle. Seven segments. High reproducibility multi-frequency measurement with low intensity current.





Seca mBCA 525– Medical Body Composition Analyser for determining body composition while lying down  



seca_475Seca 475 – Rolling stand with basket for the mobile use of the seca mBCA 525





Seca 432 – Carrying case for the seca mBCA 525




Seca WB939 - Digital weigh beams (III)

Portable beams designed for easy wheelchair access.  With rechargeable battery for up to 30hours continuous use.  HOLD function and TARE facility.


Seca caseWB939

Case set for Seca WB939 digital weigh beams, consisting of two beam cases and one display bag.

Seca HW941 - Digital hoist weigher (III)

Digital hoist weigher Seca HW941 attaches to most hoists for weighing and handling


Seca 428 case

Optional transport case for Seca HW941



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