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Accessories for Baby Scales

sSeca 231: Measuring rod for baby scales Seca 717              
This measuring rod converts the baby scales Seca 717 into a complete weighing and measuring station.  You can measure and weigh the baby on the scales and thus save time.  It is easy to fix on to the scales with the perfectly fitting connections.


Seca 233: Measuring rod for baby scale Seca 376

Seca 232: Measuring rod for baby scales Seca 336              
Just as easy to fit as it is to read: this baby measuring rod with integrated head and foot positioners makes the Seca 336 even more efficient because now weighing and measuring can be done in one step.

Seca 402: Trolley designed for use with seca baby scales (optional Seca 408 paper towel roll holder)

Seca 403: Trolley designed for use with seca baby scales.  Integrated drawer and shelf offer extra storage.

seca_435Seca 435: Trolley for baby scales 
Designed for use with all baby scales.  A robust steel unit with wipe clean top, door protection rollers, two braked castors and paper roll holder.


seca_429Seca 429: Head and foot positioners for baby scales Seca 717      
Head and foot positioners for baby scales Seca 717 if no measuring rod Seca 231 is mounted




Seca 418: Head and foot positioned for Seca 376

Easy and convenient: the head and foot positioners Seca 418 can easily be attached to the baby scales Seca 376.  This accessory increases safety by securing baby at head and feet.  Integrated handles also make it easier to transport the Seca 376.


Seca 419: Head  positioners for baby scales Seca 336 
Head positioners for baby scales Seca 336 if no measuring rod Seca 232 is mounted.

Seca 451: Interface cable for Seca 757    

Seca 400: Switch-mode mains adapter for baby scales Seca 376 and 336               


Seca 413: Carrying case for baby scales Seca 385 or Seca 384   
With this case, baby scales Seca 385 or Seca 384 can be transported comfortable and safely.  The exact fit of the Seca 413 provides optimum protection and the large opening facilitates the packing and unpacking of the scales. An adjustable shoulder strap makes transport easier and the water-repellent nylon surface keeps everything dry


Seca 413BP : Alternative back pack version available.

Seca 414: Carrying case for Seca 385 and Seca 384       
Case with handle and shoulder strap for electronic baby scales Seca 385 and Seca 384 in combination with Seca 417 or Seca 210

Seca 428: Carrying case for Seca baby scales  
The baby scale Seca 336 can be safely and compactly transported in this customised carrying case of water-repellent material equipped with a shoulder strap and practical padding.



seca_431Seca 431: Backpack
made of high quality water–repellent material for safe and comfortable transport of the seca 385 and seca 384




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seca baby scales accessories. Channel Weighing supply ohaus, seca, good, and other top brand scales to anywhere in England including London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. We also calibrate, service and maintain scales